World Village Festival United 85,000 from Tony Ohberg with Finland Today

It was a success story.

World Village Festival, the largest free event in Finland, opened the summer season of festivals in Finland at Kaisaniemi Park and at the railway square during the last weekend in Helsinki.

“The amount of spectators grew up to 85 000. We are very happy of the number,” said Nelli Korpi, the promoter of the event.

According to Korpi, such a high rate of spectators was a result of a diverse program. The public was entertained by 260 different events, an unprecedented amount, in the 15-year history of the festival. The key theme of the festival this year was human rights. The program consisted of many thought provoking discussion on the subject. According to Korpi, the discussions interested more people than in the past. The appearance and disappearance of the Russian punk collective Pussy Riot was the media highlight of the weekend. The pictures, photographed by Finland Today, capture some of the highlights in the festival.

by Tony Ohberg, for Finland Today, MAY 31, 2013

POSTED ON MAY 31, 2013